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.Graduate student & Luxury Canadian Companion. 

"When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better." ~ Mae West 
Hello there my future lover, 
I'm so glad that you decided to visit my website! Well, I guess this is where I tell you a little about myself, hmmm where to begin? I'm a graduate student studying Sociology and Sexuality studies with the hopes of becoming a full-time university professor, qualitative field researcher, and documentarian. In my spare time, I enjoy yoga and strength training to keep my slim yet curvy physique. I'm blonde with brown eyes and tall, which is why I normally prefer flats (along with them being more comfortable for a long, or short stroll around the town). I enjoy long and interesting conversations over a glass of champagne, or white wine while trying some of Ottawa's most delicious vegan cuisine. That's right I used vegan and delicious in the same sentence and I'd be happy to help you explore some of Ottawa's best vegan restaurants, I know quite a few! I've recently moved to Ottawa to start my Master's degree and I'm looking forward to exploring the town with you while we get better aquatinted. I love dinner dates and overnights because it gives us more time to get to know one another better. Life is fast and hectic enough and we should be able to indulge in the little luxuries we can like taking the time to meet a new lover. 


  Our time together is always a pure delight, I like to think of myself as someone who can help take you away from all of life's daily stresses while making you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I'm always open to new experiences so please feel free to ask when contacting me. I look forward to our first meeting together and hopefully many more! Feel free to hop on over to my review page or Twitter/Instagram to get to know me better. See you soon my love!


Adriana Bella xoxo 

Me at a glance: 

Age: Early thirties

Height: 5"8

Physique: toned yet curvy

Hair: long blonde 

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: European/Middle eastern, born in Montreal, Canada 

Education: Bachelors in Sociology & Sexuality studies, Masters in Criminology & sexuality studies in process 

Food: Vegan and gluten free 

Drinks: Kombucha, Perrier, Champagne, White wine, gin and tonic

Concerts: yes 

Theatre/movies: yes, comedy, action, history, I'm open ; )

Restaurants: Vegan or somewhere with vegan options please