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All donations are for time and companionship only 

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How to contact me:

Please consult the contact me page for this information. Thank you xoxo  


How come you didn't answer me?

If you haven't received a reply to your message it may be because: I am busy, it has been less than 24-48 hours since your initial contact. Or simply because I didn't like way you contacted me, due to either a lack of information provided (mentioned in the contact me page), or your message was simply offensive/vulgar and I don't think we are suited to one another.  


What are your stats:

All  my photos in my gallery are recent. As depicted I am slender yet curvy and my height is 5''8, meet me in person and I promise you won't be disappointed. I do not feel like my exact weight and cup size is necessary to form a meaningful connection.


Do you offer ABC alphabet soup/service? 

For myself it is about chemistry and the experience we share with one another, allowing for things to unfold naturally. If you are looking for a buffet,  you've got the wrong lady. I do not enjoy the pressure of stepping into a date with a pre-fixed menu in mind. I provide a sensual and intimate service, which may YMV depending on our chemistry and effort put into  good hygiene. 

Do you offer disability services?

Please specify your disability in your message and I will determine if we are best suited for one another. 

What if I need to cancel?

Please treat our meeting like any other appointment and allow me at least 24 hours advanced notice. If it is same day please be kind and forward at least half of the expected donation to demonstrate your sincerity in apology, otherwise no more appointments will be scheduled between us. 

What is a date with you like?

All dates are different as the chemistry tends to be different on each date. Please be assured though that I enjoy making you feel at ease and I've been told that I can be quite funny and charming. Feel free to peruse my review page where others have generously taken the time to write about what it has been like for them on our dates.  


Do you offer half hour appointments? 

I prefer not to as those meetings are quite rushed and high pressured. 

Do you take clothing requests?

Yes, I do but please no requests for heels as I don't own any stilettos, due to my hating them! Feel free to make any lingerie requests from my photos and if I have the item around I will bring it. If there is something you like, but I do not own, feel free to ask me for my size and suprise me with it on our date! As well, you are welcome to transfer me the funds for said item and I will happily purchase it before our date. 


What if we spend more than an hour together?

I enjoy dinner dates, long conversations and getting to know you better. I always recommend  at least an hour and half- two hours for a first encounter so we have time to get better acquainted. Again all encounters are different and I enjoy being in the moment to allow for us to make our own little adventure together. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Adriana Bella